Monday, February 6, 2012

My Valentine [Mr. Keegan]

 I have been totally blessed with three healthy kids! My youngest and most "strong willed" is Mr. Keegan Foster Chapman. He is a beautiful redhead that loves army men and getting dirty! He has a huge imagination and LOVES to dress in costumes. We decided that this Valentines Day we would make our own Valentines for the kids to hand out. When I asked Hallie what valentine she wanted she had plenty of ideas. She went and picked out her own outfit and had her hair fixed! Keegan was a little more tricky! I gave him two valentine card examples and asked which he preferred. Of course neither were to his standard...too "Girly"! I explained that Valentines Day was a little "Girly" and that everyone in his class would have cards that would be about love or friendship. He finally gave in Saturday. He was eating chocolate pudding and had it all over his face. He yelled, "Mom, I think its time to take my Bal-antine's Pictures." So with the biggest smile and chocolate on his face he let me take three pictures. Here are our favorites...

***I cleaned off his face using photoshop, although the actual messy face picture was cute!  

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