Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Hallie Anne+New Camera= AMA-ZING-NESS!]

 I finally got my new camera! Although I have been waiting for what seemed to be FOREVER, I have had no time to shoot with it until this past weekend. It seems like this time of year is crazy-not business wise, but personal wise. Today I got out my new beauty and had Hallie pose for me while she was waiting for the school bus. She usually doesn't mind me snapping a few, but this morning she let me know that I was totally EMBARRASSING! Her school is having right-to-read week and today's dress-up theme was Indians. I make hair things so last night we made a five min. Indian-ish headband. Here are the three she let me snap before the bus arrived....the first two were a pretty-pretty princess pose, then the last was her saying. "I refuse to smile...I'm done...there is the BUS...Put away the camera MOM!" 
(If you click each picture you can see how Amazing and Clear my new camera shoots!)


Love ya Hal~Mommy!

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