Monday, March 19, 2012

[Walleye & Family Fun-all wrapped up in one]

Every Spring here in NW Ohio the walleye come for a visit. Men and women come from all over the world to catch these delicious fish. James, my husband, is one of those men! He spends weeks researching, driving to check the water levels and getting all his "gear" around! This year he asked if we wanted to come along-not so much to fish, but to hang out around the area. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees!! The kids and I packed a few snacks, my camera and our dog Ottis for the hour long trip. We dropped off James at his favorite fishing spot and took off for our adventure! 

Riverside Cemetary

Paying their respects

Caged Animals?

Walking the shore
They found something...
A Fish!
Ottis at the Park

The park...

Plotting a game of Hide and Seek

Hallie giving them instructions

1, 2, 3...Hallie Counting

Keegan running to hide

Ready or not.....
The beautiful shy at the river

Walleye Run 2012
James' catch
A male Walleye
A big smile! He ended up going out the next day and got 3 more!


I had the pleasure of shooting my friend Brooke during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. I must say, for being 38 weeks, she looked FABULOUS! We met up for coffee to go over all the details. One thing she mentioned was that she wanted her pictures to look natural. We couldn't of had a more beautiful day.  The Spring-like day was full of sunshine and warm temperatures-in March!
 Gemma Adebelle should be making her debut any day now. I know Gemma's family, including big brother Kaiden, are anxiously awaiting her arrival. Here are a few of our favorites...