Monday, March 19, 2012

[Walleye & Family Fun-all wrapped up in one]

Every Spring here in NW Ohio the walleye come for a visit. Men and women come from all over the world to catch these delicious fish. James, my husband, is one of those men! He spends weeks researching, driving to check the water levels and getting all his "gear" around! This year he asked if we wanted to come along-not so much to fish, but to hang out around the area. The weather was beautiful, 70 degrees!! The kids and I packed a few snacks, my camera and our dog Ottis for the hour long trip. We dropped off James at his favorite fishing spot and took off for our adventure! 

Riverside Cemetary

Paying their respects

Caged Animals?

Walking the shore
They found something...
A Fish!
Ottis at the Park

The park...

Plotting a game of Hide and Seek

Hallie giving them instructions

1, 2, 3...Hallie Counting

Keegan running to hide

Ready or not.....
The beautiful shy at the river

Walleye Run 2012
James' catch
A male Walleye
A big smile! He ended up going out the next day and got 3 more!


I had the pleasure of shooting my friend Brooke during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. I must say, for being 38 weeks, she looked FABULOUS! We met up for coffee to go over all the details. One thing she mentioned was that she wanted her pictures to look natural. We couldn't of had a more beautiful day.  The Spring-like day was full of sunshine and warm temperatures-in March!
 Gemma Adebelle should be making her debut any day now. I know Gemma's family, including big brother Kaiden, are anxiously awaiting her arrival. Here are a few of our favorites...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Hallie Anne+New Camera= AMA-ZING-NESS!]

 I finally got my new camera! Although I have been waiting for what seemed to be FOREVER, I have had no time to shoot with it until this past weekend. It seems like this time of year is crazy-not business wise, but personal wise. Today I got out my new beauty and had Hallie pose for me while she was waiting for the school bus. She usually doesn't mind me snapping a few, but this morning she let me know that I was totally EMBARRASSING! Her school is having right-to-read week and today's dress-up theme was Indians. I make hair things so last night we made a five min. Indian-ish headband. Here are the three she let me snap before the bus arrived....the first two were a pretty-pretty princess pose, then the last was her saying. "I refuse to smile...I'm done...there is the BUS...Put away the camera MOM!" 
(If you click each picture you can see how Amazing and Clear my new camera shoots!)


Love ya Hal~Mommy!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

[World's Worst Mother Award!]

Martha Stewart called today and gave me the "World's Worst Mother Award!" From 3:15 pm until 5:00 pm I fought with my kids! We fought about everything from homework to who left the pop tart on the floor for the dog to eat. I thought I was going to loose my mind. I sat and thought, "What the heck-these kids are jerks, my kids totally hate me!" (James has been training 2-3 days a week lately to get ready for a fight.) It was time for me to start making supper. I remembered how I wanted to a make desert from a blogger that I love-Kevin and Amanda.  Amanda blogged about a Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie recipe (including pictures) that I was dying to try! As I sat in my kitchen thinking about that delicious cookie I began to smile. Not one of those "I'm so happy smiles", but a "Grinch that Stole Christmas Smile." I got out all of the ingredients and started baking from scratch. (I'm a total store-bought kinda girl!) While I made the cookies I began to think about how my kids thought I was the meanest mom in the world! I was totally going to win them over-I wanted to get the award...Best Mom EVER! When the cookies were done I asked them to come help me set the table. It was funny to see their expressions when they asked what I had made for supper. I said, "What, this is your supper!" Hallie said, "Mom, we can't have cookies for Supper!" Keegan then put in his two sense..."Hawie, she is the mom! Can we have cookies mom?"  I then got out the vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and milk. If only I could of recorded the looks on their faces! I did take some pictures, of course! (Jaxon is enjoying every bite while I,last photo, am excited to eat my delicious mouth watering little piece of heaven!) The best part of our supper was hearing them say, "Mom, this is awesome-I can't wait to tell my friends-This is so yummy!" I ended up turning a terrible afternoon unto a wonderful evening with my kids. It was a bit of a task tonight to get them into bed from their sugar rush, but worth the memories we made!
You can also find the recipe on Pinterest.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Valentine [Mr. Keegan]

 I have been totally blessed with three healthy kids! My youngest and most "strong willed" is Mr. Keegan Foster Chapman. He is a beautiful redhead that loves army men and getting dirty! He has a huge imagination and LOVES to dress in costumes. We decided that this Valentines Day we would make our own Valentines for the kids to hand out. When I asked Hallie what valentine she wanted she had plenty of ideas. She went and picked out her own outfit and had her hair fixed! Keegan was a little more tricky! I gave him two valentine card examples and asked which he preferred. Of course neither were to his standard...too "Girly"! I explained that Valentines Day was a little "Girly" and that everyone in his class would have cards that would be about love or friendship. He finally gave in Saturday. He was eating chocolate pudding and had it all over his face. He yelled, "Mom, I think its time to take my Bal-antine's Pictures." So with the biggest smile and chocolate on his face he let me take three pictures. Here are our favorites...

***I cleaned off his face using photoshop, although the actual messy face picture was cute!  

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hallie Anne [Heart]

We decided to make our own Valentines this year for the kids classes. I asked Hallie to pick out her own outfit and she even did her own hair! Here are a few of our favorites. I also added the Valentine she made for her to give her classmates. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

[Two Become One] Rex and Bridget

I have been very lucky to get to photograph the lives of some of my classmates from High School. When Bridget sent me a message that Rex proposed I was so excited for her! Bridget makes me smile every time I see her. Her laugh is contagious! When we shot her engagement pictures we were hoping for mild weather-that didn't happen! We had high wind and SNOW! I received a message from her before we met that said..."It snowed!" I giggled knowing it would be okay. Even though we froze off our tails and had runny noses they turned out great! You can see that these two are in love and when Rex looks at Bridget there is a sparkle in his eyes! May 19, 2012 they will become man and wife! I am so excited to share their special day with them! ~Jessica