Sunday, January 1, 2012

In Between Laundry: 20 Minute Missions {Countdown to Christmas}

So I can finally rest...for a bit! It's New Years Day!! I sat here thinking about all the things I had going on the last few months-My photography business including my tutu's and hair things and kids that are involved in EVERYTHING! Jaxon (who is plays every sport) is in traveling basketball. Hallie (the nine year old) is in dance and starting basketball. Then my baby, (Keegan-the four year old) is in preschool and starting a biddy wrestling program. I feel like I haven't had any down time. I can actually say I haven't sat and watched a tv show for a while-I have just listened. Then the Holidays arrived. I think I forgot what sleep was. I had a brilliant idea to hand make all my gifts for family and friends-What Was I Thinking? Then I had to shop for my own kids and then try to wrap everything. Did I forget to mention that I live with a neat freak? Oh, and all the class parties we needed homemade snacks for?! I wish I would of found this blog before I got myself in the Holiday swing... In Between Laundry: 20 Minute Missions {Countdown to Christmas}. I will totally be using her 20 min. Missions and keep the Holidays-not the Horrible-days for my family! God Bless!

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