Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodwill 2012

I have several New Years Resolutions that I will be making on Saturday Night. Some fun-some not so fun! The one that stands out to be the most FUN is me only buying clothing from the GOODWILL! (Undergarments do not apply!!) This is a whole year thing-starting Jan. 1, 2012 to Dec 31. 2012! I made this decision based on my lack of fashion! I admit, I used to be pretty trendy, now, not so much!! Kids, sitting at my computer all day and pure laziness have contributed to me being pretty boring when it comes to clothes. I have been seeing some really amazing fashion trends while creating my account. (I totally recommend creating one-you can also follow me-Jessica Chapman) I started researching where I could buy the exact same outfits or a least some of my favorite pieces and surprisingly the items were bought second hand! Our area has a few second hand stores, including the Goodwill. I started my venture December 26-with THREE kids in toe-in Bryan OH. I found several sweater's that I fell in love with. Most are open so I can layer and wear with accessories. Guess what? The thing was that made me smile was that they were all only $4.00 a piece. BARGAIN! My second stop was in Napoleon. I found a coat, a belt and 3 shirts all for $16.00. My favorite thus far has to be my new purse. I have wanted a mustard yellow hand bag for a while. And boy did I find a deal-a BRAND NEW beauty with the tags and wrapping for $5.00! I will be blogging weekly showing my new finds and capturing my style go from YUCK to YES!  There is nothing wrong with buying things second hand! Not only are the prices amazing, but it is for a good cause! All I can say now is...Let the shopping begin!!


  1. What a great idea!!!!! Goodwill rocks!!!! <3

    1. I actually should rewrite this-I am only shopping 2nd hand. I got the best things from the Salvation Army last week. I will be posting them Monday. Talk about some deals-and I only spent $32.00 and got 14 things!!